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Affiliate dashboard shortcode

The [yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard] shortcode allows you to display the Affiliate dashboard on a custom page of your choice.

The dashboard is divided into different sections and for each of them there’s a specific shortcode available, so you can either display the entire dashboard with all tabs or the content of specific tabs as you wish.

Print specific sections of the affiliate dashboard

With a shortcode for each section, the admin will be able to print that specific affiliate dashboard section on any page of the site.

  • Commissions: [yith_wcaf_show_commissions]
  • Visits: [yith_wcaf_show_clicks]
  • Coupons: [yith_wcaf_show_coupons]
  • Link generator: [yith_wcaf_link_generator]
  • Payments: [yith_wcaf_show_payments]
  • Settings: [yith_wcaf_show_settings]

Each of these shortcodes can have custom settings for the pagination and the menu. You can use the following attributes to configure them:

  • pagination: (yes/no) enable/disable the pagination option for each section. It will show up only if the items are more than the value set in the following attribute per page.
  • per_page: a numeric value that shows the elements per page. Default value is 10.
  • current_page: page number shown in any section.
    Suppose that we have pagination for a list in the “Commissions” section, by specifying 2 as the parameter value, only page 2 will be shown in the section.
  • show_dashboard_links: (yes/no): this allows showing the menu to navigate among the various sections also.