“Affiliate dashboard” shortcode

The [yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard] shortcode allows you to insert a dedicated dashboard for the affiliate on the page.
The dashboard is divided into different sections: commissions, clicks, and payments.
There are three shortcode parameters that are related to the sections for which the elements pagination is provided:

  • pagination: (yes/no) enable/disable the pagination within the dashboard section
  • per_page: elements shown per page
  • current_page: page number shown in any section.
    Suppose that we have pagination for an elements list in the “Commissions” section, by specifying 2 as the parameter value, only page 2 will be shown in the section

Affiliate dashboard - WordPress page

Print sections for affiliate dashboard

With a shortcode for each section, the admin is able to print that specific affiliate dashboard section in any page of the site:

  • Commissions: [yith_wcaf_show_commissions]
  • Clicks: [yith_wcaf_show_clicks]
  • Payments: [yith_wcaf_show_payments]
  • Settings: [yith_wcaf_show_settings]