Affiliate dashboard

The [yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard] shortcode allows to insert in the page a dedicated dashboard for the affiliate.
The dashboard is divided into different sections: commissions, clicks and payments.
There are three shortcode parameters that are related to the sections for which the elements pagination is provided:

  • pagination: (yes/no) enable/disable the pagination within the dashboard section
  • per_page: element s shown per page
  • current_page: page number shown in anysection.
    Supposed that we have a pagination for an elements list in the “Commissions” section, by specifying 2 as parameter value, only page 2 will be shown in the section.

Shortcode - Affiliate dashboard

Registration form

The yith_wcaf_registration_form shortcode inserts in the page the registration form that the user can use to register as new affiliate to the shop.
If a registered user views the page, only the “Become an affiliate” button will be shown. Thank to this button, the user’s profile will be added to the affilate ones.
On the contrary, the whole registration form will be shown.

Shortcode - Registration form

The shortcode parameters are:

  • show_name_field: (yes/no) show or hide the “name” field of the form
  • show_surname_field: (yes/no) show or hide the “surname” field of the form

Link generator

The [yith_wcaf_link_generator] shortcode inserts in the page a form that allows the user to get an affiliation link in a dynamic way, depending on the specified URL.

Shortcode - Link generator