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Commission payments

To generate a new payment record for your affiliates, you can go to the Commissions tab, select commissions and from the bulk actions generate a payment record by choosing either Pay manually or Pay via bank/wire transfer.

Once the payment is created, you will see on this page all the payment records created with the on hold status.

Payments list

Once the payment record is created, you can issue the payment to the affiliate offline and then change the payment status to Completed: all linked commissions will automatically get the Paid status.

From this screen you can also filter the payments by status, affiliate, date.

Payment filters

You can bulk edit them and choose any of the following actions:

  • Change status to “Completed”
  • Change status to “On hold”
  • Change status to “Cancelled”
  • Delete

The same options will also be available in the commission actions, and additionally you will be able to find Pay via Direct bank/wire transfer as an option for single payments.

Payment actions

If you select Pay with bank transfer from the payment actions, you will be able to see the payment details in the the Payment method column.

Payment info in payments table

For more details about the Payment with bank/wire transfer, please, refer to this page.