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General options

In the General Options tab we will find two different sections:


General options

Query var name: enter the name of the query var used to store the referral tokens in the URL. Default to “ref”.
A typical referral URL is http://sitename/?ref=2, where “ref” is the var name: you can change to any text you like, and it will be changed in all your affiliates’ referral URLs.

The affiliate can find this token in the Affiliate Dashboard > Link generator tab:

Cookie options

Cookies options

Referral cookie name: enter a name to identify the cookie that will store the referral tokens. This name should be as unique as possible to avoid collision with other plugins. If you change this setting, all cookies created previously will no longer be valid. Default value is yith_wcaf_referral_token.

Set cookies via AJAX: enable to execute an AJAX call to set up affiliates cookies whenever the system finds a referral query string in the URL.

Affiliate registration – options

From the General options > Affilites Registration tab, you will be able to enable/disable the affiliate registration form and its options.

Registration form

The affiliate registration form includes the standard WooCommerce registration fields (username, email and password) that cannot be changed, and the additional affiliate fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Privacy text
  • Terms

Below the fields, you will find an important option:

Add the registration form fields to the default WooCommerce registration form

Add the registration form fields to the default WooCommerce registration form: enable this option to add the affiliates registration form fields in the WooCommerce default registration form. In this way, all users who register to your site will also automatically submit an application as affiliates at the same time.

Note: if this option is enabled, you will never be able to see the Become an affiliate form, because all new users are automatically applying as affiliates during the registration. The only exception would be in case the user registered before the option was enabled.

WooCommerce register

Registration options

Just below, you will find the following option:

Registration options

Associate old commissions to new users with the same token: if enabled, when a new affiliate is registered, the system will check if there’s any preexisting commission for that default token. If there is any, it will be assigned to the user automatically.

Affiliate Dashboard – options

From this tab in the General options > Affiliate Dashboard, we can configure all the options related to the Affiliate Dashboard, that is the dashboard that will be displayed to the affiliates on the frontend.

Affiliate dashboard options

Where to show the Affiliate Dashboard:

  • In a specific page using the shortcode: if you select this option, you will be able to select the page and what to show to guest users in the options below

Choose the Affiliate Dashboard page: use this shortcode [yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard] in the page you want to use as dashboard.

To guest users in the Affiliate Dashboard show:

  • The affiliate registration form only
  • The affiliate registration form + the login form

These settings can also be changed through the shortcode attribute. For more details please see this page.

  • In a specific endpoint inside My Account page: select this option if you want to show the dashboard automatically in My account page

Show social share: enable to show social share buttons of referral URLs in Affiliate Dashboard > Link generator section.

Allow affiliates to share on: enable the social sharing options that you want to offer on your site. Their icons will be displayed in the Link generator section:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Whatsapp
  • Email

Social title: enter the title to use in Twitter and Pinterest sharing.

Social text: enter the text to use in Twitter, WhatsApp and Pinterest sharing. Use %referral_url% where you want to show the URL of your affiliate.

Pinterest image URL: enter the URL of the image to use in Pinterest sharing.

Commissions & Payments – options

From this page in the General options > Commissions & Payments you will be able to set up the following sections:

Commission options

Commissions options

Default commission rate: enter the default commission rate for all your store affiliates.

Prevent affiliates auto-commissions: enable to prevent affiliates from getting commissions from their own purchases.

Exclude taxes from commissions: enable to exclude taxes from referral commissions calculation. E.g. if a product costs €100 and there’s €20 tax added (for a total of €120), the affiliate commissions will be calculated on €100.

Exclude discounts from commissions: enable to exclude discounts from referral commissions calculation. E.g. if a product costs €100 and a €20 discount is applied, the affiliate commissions will be calculated on €80.

Payment gateways

In this section, you can enable the only payment method supported in the free version, the Direct bank/wire transfer.

For more details about how payments via direct bank/wire transfer work, please, visit this page.