How user becomes an affiliate

In order to become an affiliate, users need to be registered to your store.

The registration occurs in “Affiliate Dashboard” page that is automatically created after the plugin has been activated. The page contains the shortcode “[yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard]”.

Affiliate dashboard - WordPress page

Become an affiliate

The affiliation request can be send through the related registration form provided by the shortcode, or it can be sent automatically once filled in any other registration form of the site.
In order to choose the solution that most suits your needs, click on the “Settings” tab of the settings panel of the plugin and select one of the two entries available in the “Registration form” option.

Referral registration

If you have selected the plugin registration form, the affiliate registration will be done from the “Affiliate Dashboard” page form.

Become an affiliate - Referral registration

You can hide the “Name” and “Surname” field of the form from the option panel of the plugin.

Hide name and surname

Form register - Name and surname fields

After registering, the new affiliate will be automatically added to the affilates table.

New affiliate

You can use the options in the drop down menu on top of the table, or you use the symbols in the actions column:

  • View
  • Switch to disabled
  • Switch to banned
  • Process dangling commissions (search for commissions that could be lost)
  • Pay commissions
  • Pay commissions via PayPal