How user becomes an affiliate

In order to become an affiliate, users need to be registered to your store.

The registration occurs in the “Affiliate Dashboard” page that is automatically created after the plugin has been activated. The page contains the shortcode “[yith_wcaf_affiliate_dashboard]”.

Affiliate dashboard - WordPress page

Become an affiliate

Affiliates can submit their application from the registration form, that can:

  • either be integrated into the default registration form (choose Any registration form in the plugin Settings as shown in the screenshot below) and the affiliate registration fields will be added to this form: everyone who registers can also register as an affiliate;
  • or it can be requested through a dedicated form (choose plugin registration form), and have two separate forms, one for user registration and one for affiliate registration. By default, it’s displayed in the Affiliate dashboard, but you can print it on every page using the dedicated shortcode (see more about it here).

Then, check all the options that you want to show in the form, among the ones shown below.

Referral registration

If you have selected the plugin registration form, the affiliate registration will be done from the “Affiliate Dashboard” page form.

Become an affiliate - Referral registration

You can hide the “Name” and “Surname” field of the form from the options panel of the plugin.

Hide name and surname

Form register - Name and surname fields

After registering, the new affiliate will be automatically added to the affiliates table, see “affiliates tab“. If you have selected the “auto enable affiliates” option in the general settings page, the user will become an affiliate on registration.

New affiliate

You can use the options in the drop-down menu on top of the table, or you can use the symbols in the actions column:

  • Delete
  • Change status to active (you can approve an affiliate)
  • Change status to rejected (you can reject an affiliate)
  • Ban affiliate
  • Unban affiliate
  • Process dangling commissions
  • Pay commissions
  • Pay commissions via PayPal

If you need to export one or more of your affiliates, you can use the related Export CSV button that will create a CSV file including their details.


Write a message that will be shown to all rejected users and banned users, you will find this option in the general plugin settings. Using the “Hidden sections”, you can select the pages you want to hide for all banned users.

banned rejected

Affiliate details page

By clicking on the affiliate ID number, the plugin will show you a page with all the details of that specific affiliate.

affiliates page