The plugin allows creating coupons and assigning them to your affiliates. When the affiliate shares his/her coupon/s, every sale made by using the coupon/s will generate a commission for the related affiliate.

To activate coupons for your affiliates, go to the Settings section of the plugin and enable the option Enable coupon handling.

Coupon settings

Once enabled, you can decide whether to show the Coupons section in the affiliate dashboard or not by activating Show coupon section. If you want to show this section only to affiliates that have one or more coupons assigned, you can activate the option Limit coupon section.

From this section, affiliates can view all the coupon details: coupon code, type and amount of the discount, expiration date, and other information added to the tooltip as shown in the image below.

Coupon section in affiliate dashboard

How to assign coupons to affiliates

After enabling the option Enable coupon handling, go to Marketing > Coupons to create the coupons to be assigned to your affiliates.

add new coupon

You will find the entry Affiliates in the coupon data from which you will be able to assign the created coupon to a selected affiliate.

Please note – you can assign different coupons to an affiliate but not the same coupon to different affiliates.


You can add almost any option you can define for a coupon to the body of the email that is sent to the affiliate. There are a lot of parameters, and you need the exact name that WooCommerce gives them which you can consult here (scroll to ‘properties’).

For example, {coupon_HERE_GOES_PROPERTY_NAME} if you want to add the expiration date of the coupon in the email, you must use the placeholder {coupon_date_expires} so it will be replaced by the date automatically.