Create auction product

To sell a product through an auction, it is essential to create an “Auction” type product. Go to the product edit page and select the “Auction” type as highlighted in the screenshot below.

new auction product

You can configure the following options for the “Auction” product:

  • Starting Price: the starting price of the auction, the minimum bid amount.
  • Bid up: the value of the automatic raise.
    E.g. I offer 10€ but the starting price is 1€. In this case, not my 10€ but my 1€ will be displayed. If another customer bids 2€, the plugin will automatically raise my bet (according to the bid up value) until it reaches the top bid of 10€ I have set up.
  • Minimum increment amount: Minimum amount to increase manual bids.
  • Reserve price: minimum price required to sell the product.
    If the auction ends and no bids exceed the reserve price, the product can’t be purchased.
  • Buy it now price: price to purchase the product regardless of the auction underway. The auction ends when the order is created.
  • Auction dates: pick the days and the opening and closing times of the auction.
  • Time to add overtime: number of minutes before the expiration of the auction to see if overtime needs to be added.
  • Overtime: number of minutes to extend the duration of the auction if a new bid is registered before its expiration.
  • Automatic rescheduling: time to automatically reschedule auction without bids.
  • Show bid up: show bid up on product page
  • Show overtime: show overtime on product page
  • Tax settings: decide if the product is taxable, or only the shipping costs.

Auction management

All the registered users can make their bids for an auction product from the related product detail page.

Auction product detail page

The access to the complete list of the users and their current bids is possible from the specific tab in the product detail page at any time.

Bid list

All the bidders who take part in the auction receive an email notification when the auction ends and the winner can proceed to purchase the product.

The winner receives a specific email suggesting to purchase the product through the Pay Now button.

Email for the winner


If a user decides to bypass the auction to purchase the product at the fixed price set by the administrator, the auction ends ahead of time as soon as the order is created.

A label is added on the products list page when the auction is active or when one is closed and no customer won the auction.

label auction

Ban user

Ban users from bidding and add a personal message to the reason why they have been banned.

user banned

Go to Users > Edit User > Auction Details. Here you can enable or disable the ‘Banned’ option and add an additional message.

The user will be banned from bidding on all products, no exceptions possible.

frontend banned user

Automatic bid up

The plugin offers the possibility to raise automatically the user’s bid in case of an overbid.

If you want to show to users the bid up you have set for the auction, enable Show bid up option in the product settings.

Show bidup

Bid up informations in product page

How does the automatic bid up work?

Suppose we set a 5€ automatic bid up for the product and the auction base price as 50€.

Bid up

The user “Alessio” makes a bid of 65€.
As it is the first bid, and we set the automatic bid up value, the system records a bid in the amount of the product base price rather than the 65€ the user offered.

Bid up

John, a new user, makes a bid in the amount of 55€.

The system records the new bid and checks the available conditions to apply an automatic bid up for those users who previously made a bid for the auction.

In our example, we have a recorded bid of 50€ made by Alessio. Actually, the user initially bade 65€, therefore, the system can automatically apply a new bid for him.

The new bid will be in the amount of 60€. This value is given by the 5€ automatic bid up applied to the highest recorded bid (55€).

Bid up


Reserve price

The reserve price is the value that must be reached to allow the successful end of the auction.

The reserve price is optional, you can set it directly from the product editing page.

reserve price

If no bid reached nor exceeded the reserve price at the auction expiration, no one won the auction. The shop administrator will receive a notification email concerning the not sold product.

No bidder reached the reserve price - Email

Postpone expiring date

The plugin offers the possibility to postpone the auctions expiration date, when someone places a new bid a few minutes before it ends.


You need to set the “Time to add overtime” and “Overtime” parameters. You can apply them to all the products (from the plugin settings dashboard) or specifically to a single product.

Cron settings


How to configure these settings correctly.

  • Time to add overtime: number of minutes before auction expiration, if in this time a bid is recorded, overtime will be applied.
  • Overtime: number of minutes to extend the auction duration if a new bid has been recorded before auction expiration

If you want to show overtime on the product page, enable the option Show overtime.

Show overtime


Overtime information

Let’s see an example.

Suppose we set our parameters as follows:

  • Time to add overtime: 5
  • Overtime: 10

The auction expiration is set at 10:00:00.

The user Alessio makes a bid at 09:57:00 (3 minutes before the expiration)

The auction expiration is postponed to 10:10:00

The auction will end only if no new bid will be recorded during the last 5 minutes.

Buy it now option

You can offer your users the possibility to choose the buy it now option for an “Auction” type product. This way, they can purchase the product for a fixed price bypassing the current auction.

You can set the fixed price of the related product in product editing page, in the Buy it now price entry.

buy it now

If the user purchases the product, the auction ends as soon as the new order is created.

Reschedule auction

You can choose to reschedule an auction that has ended without any bids. You can do this on ‘plugin settings‘ level and on ‘product’ level. Decide for how many minutes/hours/days you want to extend the auction.

Plugin settings

automatic rescheduling

Product editing page

Go to the related “Auction” product and scroll down to the ‘reschedule settings’. These settings will override the general plugin settings.

automatic rescheduling product

Live auctions

By default, the list of the bids registered for the auction does not update automatically.

As a consequence, the user who is monitoring an auction can view the new bids made for that product only after refreshing the page.

However, you can change this behavior by enabling a periodical check on the product to verify the availability of new bids. In this case, the system updates the page automatically and shows the new table to the user who is visiting that page.

To do so, go to YITH Plugins > Auctions > Settings and insert how many seconds need to pass before checking the new bids registered for the current auctions.

Live auctions

You can set a different value for the product page and My Account page.


The plugin creates several emails which you can find among the automatic WooCommerce emails in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

auctions email

User emails

  • Highest bid overbidden: informs customers that their highest bid has been overbidden.
  • End: email sent to the user when the auction is about to expire. For the correct email sending, enable the “Send emails” options in the plugin cron settings.

cron settings email

  • Winner: informs the customer who won the auction.
  • Successfully bid: customers receive an email after they successfully placed a bid.
  • No Winner: customers who did not win will receive an email.
  • Delete Bid: customers will be informed when their bid has been deleted.

Administrator email

  • Reserve price not exceeded: admin receives a notification in case an auction has ended without reaching the reserve price.
  • Without bid: admin receives a notification in case an auction ends without bids.
  • Has a winner: admin receives a notification when the auction ends and has a winner
  • Successfully bid email for auctions: admin receives an email when a customer successfully places a bid.
  • Delete bid admin: will be sent when a bid has been removed.


In Settings > Cron settings, you can enable the possibility for your users to subscribe to the auction (without bidding), and the plugin will send an email when the auction is about to end.

watchlist email