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Auction list

The ‘All Auction’ is an oversight of all your auction products. If there aren’t any auction products, you can click on the button to start creating your first one. Refer to this page to see how to set up your auction product.

Once there are auction products, you can find the complete list on this page. In the ‘status’ column you can see the current state of the product, like finished, started, not started etc. Furthermore, there is a search bar, to search any auction.

When  hovering over one of the auctions in this list, some actions appear.

You can directly edit, trash or view the specific auction, and when the auction already has bids placed, you can click on the ‘Eye’ icon and see the complete list.

From the ‘Auctions list’ page you can also filter by scheduled, in progress and ended statuses to export it into a CSV file.

Simply click on ‘Export CSV’ and the file will be generated.

csv file

If you want to create more auctions, just use the ‘Start new auction’ button to add more. Please, refer to this page to know more about the auction product setup.