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These options let you manage the countdown option that is visible on the product detail page.

Countdown format options

  • Show countdown: Decide if you want to show a countdown option in product detail page.
  • Date format: Which date format do you want to use.
  • Time format: Which time format do you want to use.

countdown style

  • Countdown style: Choose from 4 different styles, default, compact, big blocks or small blocks (the style applies to all products, you cannot override it).
  • Countdown color: Select the color of the text, the section background and the block backgrond (applies to ‘big blocks’ style).

Default style

default countdown

Compact style

compact countdown

Big blocks

Big blocks countdown

Small blocks

small blocks countdown

The last settings you will find on this page, refer to changing the color of the countdown text, when approaching the expiration date.

countdown end color

You can set xx minutes, hours or days before the auction ends, to change the color automatically. Both on the shop page, as on the product detail page.

Shop page

shop page

Product page

product page