Auction winner options

What happens when a user wins an auction?

Auction winner options

  • Within the email notification, redirect the auction’s winner: The winner email will contain the redirect link to:
    • the auction page.
    • the cart page with with the auction product already added.
    • the checkout page.
  • Button label in email notification: Enter the button text you wish to show.
  • Show winner badge on auction image: If you are the current highest bidder you will see a ‘winner’ badge on the product image.
  • Winner badge: Select the badge you want to show.

badge example 1

As soon as you are the highest bidder, you will see this badge on the product.

Auction winner options 2

  • Custom message to the winner: Customize the message that the user will see on the product page, after he wins the auction.
  • Show ‘Pay now’ button in the product page: A button so the user can directly go to the checkout page to pay for the product he won.

auction winner

The page shows a block with a custom message (set by you), the pay now button and the ‘Other auctions you can like’ section which is there by default.

  • Possibility to add auction product with other products: When disabled all products you previously added to the card will be removed, and only the auction product will be added.