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Auction page tab

The options you can set from this page, apply to the auction product page.

  • Show auction badge on product image: Decide if you want to show an auction badge on the product image. See customization options in this page.
  • Show items condition: Shows the state the product is in; new, second hand etc.
  • Show product stock: Stocks is always 1 (by default) you cannot change it.
example in frontend

The product page displays the auction badge, the stock and the condition of the item.

  • Show if the reserve price has been reached: Shows a confirmation that the reserve price is exceeded.
  • Show if the auction is in overtime: Shows a notification if the auction is in overtime (for more details about overtime, check this page).
Auction page options example 2

There is a message that says that the reserve price has been exceeded, and that the product is in ‘overtime’ at the moment.

  • Quantity buttons in bid amount fields: Decide to show and how to show the quantity buttons.
  • Show the next available amount in the bid input field: Show current bid + increment. (Either +1 by default or the minimal increment amount set in the product edit page). If you want to show an empty field, disable this option.
Auction page options example 3.2

The next possible amount (current bid + 1) and the button-options to increase the amount, are visible.

  • In bid tab show: Decide to show full user name or a hidden user name.
Auction page options example 3.1

You can either see the full user name or only the first and last letter of their name.