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Automatic bidding

How does automatic bidding work?

In YITH > Auctions > General > “Auction options” you can find the options to set ‘Automatic bidding’.  

Let’s say that you wish to spend a maximum of 300€ on a painting, you go to that product detail page and see that there is an ‘bid up’ of 10€.

You insert the amount of 300€ and you let the system basically do the rest.

maximum bid example

As you can see your initial bid has been added to the ‘bids’ list. But wait, this is not the 300€ you inserted?! That is right, this is the way the automatic bid up works. Each time another user bids, you will automatically bid ’10€’ until you reach your max of 300€.


How to set up an auction with Automatic bidding?

Step 1: Set bid type to > Automatic

automatic bid type

Step 2: Choose the automatic bid type:

  • Simple: set one fixed amount.

Automatic bidding simple

Example: 10€ increment regardless of the current bidding amount.

  • Advanced: set different amounts based on price ranges.

Automatic bidding advanced

Example: It starts off with an amount of 5€ and depending on the current bid amount, the automatic bid increments will change, to 10€ in the second price range. And if the current bid amount exceeds 251€ it finally changes to 25€.