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How to create an auction with a fee?

We will explain step-by-step how to create a basic, standard auction with a fee. What does this ‘fee’ mean exactly? It means that a user will have to pay a xx amount in order to be able to start bidding.

Step 1. Create an auction product and set price

We select ‘Auction’ from the dropdown and select the auction type: ‘Normal’. We go to the ”Prices” tab and set the mandatory starting price to 100, so the bidding will start from there.

Step 2. Set the start- and end date

We go back to ”General” tab, and we select the start date (we could use the ‘now’ button to select today’s time and date) > Done. We click on the end date field, and give in the end date and time.

Step 3. Set auction fee for this product

Go to ‘advanced options’ tab so we can override the general options, like the fee (if set/not set). We enable the ‘override’ option and we enable the ‘fee before bid’ option and finally give in the amount, Now go to the top to save the settings.

Step 4. Check the end result

example fee