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E-mail settings

In WooCommerce > Settings > Emails you will find all emails added by the plugin in which you can activate/deactivate and also access to modify the content.

user emails auctions

User emails

  • Highest bid outbid: informs customers that their highest bid has been overbidden.
  • Is about to end: email sent to the user when the auction is about to expire. For the correct email sending, enable the “Send emails” options from General> Auction options> Cron settings & user notifications:
  • Winner: informs the customer who won the auction.
  • Successfully bid: customers receive an email after they successfully placed a bid.
  • No winner: customers who did not win will receive an email.
  • Delete bid: customers will be informed when their bid has been deleted.
  • Winner reminder: ​email to remind the user who won the auction to pay for the product. You can set this email in YITH > Auctions > General > “Auction rescheduling”.
  • Reserve price not exceeded for best bidder: informs the best bidder that the minimum reserve price hasn’t been reached.
  • Successfully follow: Customer is added to the followers list correctly.
  • New bid for bidders and followers: Bidders and followers are informed about a new bid.
  • Closed by buy now for bidders and followers: Bidders and followers are informed when an auction is closed due to ‘Buy now’.
  • Stripe emails – Only visible if you have enabled YITH Stripe:
    • Stripe couldn’t process your payment: Email after first failed attempt.
    • Stripe payment failed: Email after second failed attempt.
    • Stripe item lost: Email after third failed attempt.

Administrator emails

admin emails auctions
  • Reserve price not exceeded: admin receives a notification in case an auction has ended without reaching the reserve price.
  • Without bids: admin receives a notification in case an auction ends without bids.
  • Has a winner: admin receives a notification when the auction ends and has a winner
  • Successfully bid email for auctions: admin receives an email when a customer successfully places a bid.
  • Delete bid admin: will be sent when a bid has been removed.
  • Rescheduled product admin: ​when the auction product will be rescheduled automatically.

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