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How to create a sealed auction?

We will explain step-by-step how to create a sealed auction. This means that all bids and messages in this auction will be hidden for the users. The admin however, will see all bids in the backend.

Step 1. Create an auction product and set price

ex sealed auction 1

We select ‘Auction’ from the dropdown and select the auction type: ‘Normal’. Now we enable the ‘sealed auction’ option, so the bids will be hidden for the users. Scrolling further down, we give in the mandatory starting price (100), so the bidding will start from there.

Step 2. Set the start- and end date

ex standard auction 2

We scroll further down, and we select the start date (we could use the ‘now’ button to select today’s time and date) > Done. We click on the end date field, and give in the end date and time. Now go to the top to save the settings.

Step 3. Check the end result

ex sealed auction 2On the shop page we see a message, informing the user that the auction is sealed, and all bids are hidden. Furthermore we see the minimum amount we gave in, the countdown and the end date.