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In Appearance > widgets > you will find the 4 widgets that come with the plugin.

widgets plugin

By clicking on the drop down menu of the widgets, you can decide where to insert it.

how to widget

The widget menu can appear differently, depending on the theme you use.

save widget

The widget is now visible in the ‘default sidebar’ block at the top of the page, where you can edit and save it.

If you did not yet enable sidebars, no worries, please go to appearance > customize. Next click on WooCommerce > Single product page, and choose the option you like.

sidebar frontend

Below we will show you an example of each one of the widgets the plugin offers, for each widget you can choose the title and the number of products you wish to show.

YITH Auctions

auction widget

Complete list of all auctions; decide between showing ‘latest’ auctions or ‘featured’ auctions.

YITH Auctions Ended

ended auction

Show a list of all auctions that are no longer active.

YITH Auctions Future

Future auctions widget

Show auctions that have not started yet.

YITH Auctions Watchlist

The watchlist widget offers 2 options, either the extended watchlist that you can see in the first example, or the ‘mini watchlist’ that you can see in the second example.

watchlist widget

Show auctions that the user has added to his watchlist in the sidebar.

Mini watchlist

Mini watchlist option

Show auctions that the user has added to his watchlist in the mini widget.

You can insert and set this¬†‘mini watchlist’¬†in widgets > YITH Watchlist > Show mini widget. From here you can also decide to show the item counter.

mini widget settings