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General settings

From the YITH > Auctions > General page, you’ll be able to set the general plugin options. You will be able to override some of these options on product-level. We have indicated for which options this is possible.

General tab settings 1

  • Show auctions on shop page: Auctions will be visible in the general store page, if you disable it, they will only be visible on the page with the auctions shortcode.
  • Hide out-of-stock auctions: Auctions that are out of stock are not visible.
  • Hide ended auctions: Auctions that have ended are no longer visible.
  • Hide future auctions: Auctions that haven’t started yet, are not yet visible.
  • Show countdown in loop: Show countdown in shop page. If disabled, it will only be visible on the product detail page.

countdown example

By default the days (D), hours (H), minutes (M) and seconds (S) will be shown like the example above.

general settings

  • Hide ‘buy now’ when a bid exceeds the buy now price: Buy now option will disappear if the price has been exceeded.
  • Hide ‘buy now’ after the first bid: Buy now option will disappear if a bid is placed, regardless of the amount. (For more details about the ‘buy now’ option, check this page).
  • Set bid type: Manual; the customer adds the amount he wishes to insert or automatic; the system automatically places a bid with a preset amount set by the admin. Check this page for a detailed explanation of automatic bidding.
  • Show the bid increments in the page: Show the user the ‘bid up’ you have set.

popup info example

general settings

  • Ask for confirmation before a bid is confirmed: After inserting an amount and placing a bid, a popup appears where you confirm the bid.

Confirmation popup example

  • Ask fee payment before bidding: Users have to pay an xx amount in order to be able to bid, can be disabled per product, for more details check this page.
  • Default fee amount (€): General fee amount, can be overwritten on product level.
  • Set overtime: Postpone the expiration date, when someone places a new bid xx minutes before it ends.
  • Overtime settings: If a bid is placed xx minutes before it ends, the auction will be extended by xx minutes.
  • Show higher bidder modal: Show a model to the higher bidder, to suggest him to refresh the page.
  • Enable watchlist: A way for users to follow ongoing auctions without bidding themselves. For more detailed information about these settings check this page.

Cron settings

To enable the possibility for your users to subscribe to an auction (without bidding), go to YITH > Auctions > General > Cron settings.

Cron settings privacy

  • Allow users to follow auctions: Send email notification to customer when auction is about to end. A follower is someone that follows the auctions without bidding.
    • Show privacy field: Decide to show a checkbox on the subscribe form.
    • Privacy checkbox text: Text that will show up next to the checkbox.

follow auction privacy policy

Above an example of the product page with privacy checkbox.

Cron settings user notifications

  • Send email to followers: Decide which emails to send to followers:
    • To notify any new bid in the auction they follow.
    • When the auction is about to end.
    • When the auction is closed by buy now
  • Send emails to bidders: Decide which emails to send to bidders:
    • To notify any new bid
    • When the auction is about to end
    • When they lose the auction
    • When the auction is closed by buy now
  • Send notifications to notify the ending auction, xx days, hours or minutes before it ends.
  • Unsubscribe link label: The text of the ‘unsubscribe’ label in the emails.

unsubscribe in email

For more information about email settings, check this page please.

You can edit the unsubscribe page from your dashboard > Pages.

Edit Unsubscribe page auctions

The shortcode will automatically add a message and the auctions the customer follows, this way the customer can select from which auction(s) to unsubscribe.

unsubscribe page auctions frontend example

Ajax refresh


Ajax refresh

  • Automatically refresh the auction page in ajax: Shows auction updates in auction page automatically, without having to reload the page.
  • Refresh auction page each: Set the time in seconds
  • Automatically refresh info in My Account > My auctions in ajax: Shows auction updates automatically without having to reload the page.
  • Refresh “My Auctions” section each: Set the time in seconds