Cron settings

To enable the possibility for your users to subscribe to an auction (without bidding), go to YITH > Auctions > General > Cron settings.

Cron settings 2

  • Allow users to follow auctions: Send email notification to customer when auction is about to end.
    • Show privacy field: Decide to show a checkbox on the subscribe form.
    • Privacy label: Text that is shown regarding the checkbox, you can include the %PRIVACY% placeholder
    • Privacy anchor url: Insert the url of the privacy page (linked to placeholder).
    • Privacy anchor text: Text to show in placeholder.

follow frontend example

Above an example of the product page with privacy checkbox.

Cron settings 1

  • Send emails to bidders before the auction end: Active bidders will receive an email when auction is about to end.
    • Decide when to send it, xx days, hours or minutes before it ends.
  • Send email to bidders that loose an auction: Bidders that lost the auction, will receive an email once it ended.

For more information about email settings, check this page please.