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The plugin offers the possibility to postpone the auctions expiration date, when someone places a new bid a few minutes before it ends.

You need to enable “Overtime” settings which you can find in General > Auction options> Bidding options.

You can also override this option on product level, within the product edit page. For example if you wish to turn off the overtime option for a certain product, or set a different time span.

  • Override overtime options: If you select YES here, and leave the ‘Set overtime’ option to NO, no overtime will be applied to this product.
  • Set overtime: Like the general settings,  you can set the time that will specifically be applied to this product.

How do I configure overtime?

Suppose we set our parameters as follows:

  • Time to add overtime: 5
  • Overtime: 15

If someone adds a bid minutes before the auction ends, extend the auction for 15 minutes more.

The auction expires at 06:45:00.

The user places a bid at 06:46:00 (4 minutes before the expiration)

The auction now expires at 07:00:00 (‘old’ time + 15 minutes)

Before overtime:

before overtime

After overtime:

after overtime
The auction will end only if no new bid is recorded during the last 5 minutes (according to this example), this is a continuing process and has no limit.