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What happens when a user makes a bid just before the expiration date of the auction?

There are two possible scenarios:

  • the auction ends as previously scheduled
  • the expiration date is postponed and the users can keep making their bids. To learn about how to do it, we suggest reading this page of the documentation.
I want to hide the bidders’username. Can I do it?

Yes, you can. You can control whether to show the full username or hide it from the “In bid tab show” option in YITH > Auctions > Auction Page. For more details, please, refer to this page.

Will the auction end when a user purchases the product through the

Yes, the auction will automatically end as soon as the new order is created.

Can I schedule a new auction for the same product after its end date?

Of course! You only need to click on the Re-Schedule button of the related product and choose the new start and end dates.
For any further information, I suggest reading this page of the documentation.

How can I get support if my WooCommerce plugin is not working?

If you have problems with our plugins or something is not working as it should, first follow this preliminary steps:

  • Test the plugin with a WordPress default theme, to be sure that the error is not caused by the theme you are currently using.
  • Deactivate all plugins you are using and check if the problem is still occurring.
  • Ensure that you plugin version, your theme version and your WordPress and WooCommerce version (if required) are updated and that the problem you are experiencing has not already been solved in a later plugin update.

If none of the previous listed actions helps you solve the problem, then, submit a ticket in the forum and describe your problem accurately, specify WordPress and WooCommerce versions you are using and any other information that might help us solve your problem as quickly as possible.
If you are using the premium version of the plugin, we invite you ask for assistance in our support desk.

Does the plugin work with REST API?

No, our Auctions plugin does not work with REST API.

If the winner does not pay, can I have a second winner?

If the winner does not pay, you can do the following:

1. Remove the winner from the auction, so the second-high bidder will win the auction:
Delete winner

2. email the second higher bidder in the list.
Email the winner

Is it possible to use it with YITH Points and Rewards and restrict points that users earn to auction products?

Yes, if you’re using also YITH Points and Rewards, you can do that by creating a category in which you add all your auction products and then you enable the points awarding only for that specific category.