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Bidding and buying process

Step 1. Choose the auction product you want to place a bid on.

Step 1 auction shop

I decide to go for the painting of € 250.

Step 2. Check possible requirements or needs.

step 2 product

Great, I can see the product does not have a reserve price, and there is no ‘buy now’ option. So I can bid without the concern that someone will purchase it before the auction ends. Furthermore I can see that I am the first one to place a bid.

Step 3. Bidding popup

I put in an amount of 300€ and click on ‘bid’. A popup appears reminding me of the fact that I am making a commitment, and is asking me if I want to continue. Yes, I do.

Step 4. Seeing the result of your bid

step 4 placing a bid result

I see the price has gone up to my bid of 300€ and I see myself in the ‘Bids’ tab. Yes, still the only one, and with only 3 minutes on the clock, I am hopeful that I will win.

Step 5. Winning the auction

step 5 winning

I won, perfect! I now quickly click on the ‘pay now’ button, since they only give me 3 days to pay.

Step 6. Payment

Step 6 Placing the order

I decide not to add any other products, I am happy with this one alone. I continue by clicking on ‘place order’

Step 7. Check my account page

In the My Account page I can see my bid, the current bid and the fact that the auction is closed.