Payment settings

Payment type

Payments of commissions are generally made manually by the administrator. If you want to automate this system, you can go to the “Settings” section of the plugin and choose from the options available in “Payment type”:

  • Manually
  • Automatically when reaching a threshold;
  • Automatically on a specific month date;
  • Automatically on a specific month date, if a specific threshold is reached
  • Automatically every day
  • Let user request payment

Automatic payment

  • Pay only commissions older than: choose the minimum amount of days that will have to pass before the commission will be paid automatically.

Moreover, you can also enable the option “Notify admin” that allows you to notify the administrator via email automatically each time a new payment is made. To learn more about the type of emails you can configure, read this page of the documentation.

Let user request payment

With this option enabled, the affiliate has the possibility to request to withdraw his commissions.

Generate invoice

  • Require invoice: the customer has to create an invoice before the admin will pay him. Since the affiliate is receiving money from the store he will need to send an invoice to the store admin.
  • Invoice mode: decide how the user should submit the invoice.
  • Company details: give in your company details
  • Invoice fields: decide which fields are necessary for the customer to add to his invoice.
  • Show terms & conditions field: add checkbox to the withdraw form.
  • Invoice example: type the URL of the example invoice that you want to show to your affiliate.

The affiliate will find a new option in his/her menu where he/she can request a withdraw. In the withdraw screen, the affiliate can decide from-to which date they want to withdraw their commissions.

Withdraw page