All visits to the site that have been generated by affiliate activities can be stored in the section “Clicks”.

clicks page

For each element shown in the list, the following information is stored:

  • Referrer: username of the affiliate associated to user’s click.
  • Order: in case a visit converts into a purchase order, the order ID is stored here.
  • Followed Url: URL through which the user has reached your site.
  • Origin Url: URL of the page where the user found a link to your site.
  • Date: date of the click.
  • Conversion time: time from click to purchase (only if this order has actually been generated).
    The time displayed here is counted from the first time that the click has been registered to the moment in which the order has been completed.

In “Affiliates -> Settings” you will find the specific options to set the click behavior.

Click log

In compliance with GDPR, the plugin allows choosing whether to enable or not the clicks registering. When enabled, you can specify through the option Hit Resolution, the time lapse (in seconds) in which clicks made by the same user are counted as one.
The option Auto delete click log allows you to activate automatic deleting of clicks. Set the number of days back, before which clicks have to be deleted.

The last option, Auto delete older click, allows setting the number of days after which a click must be deleted.