How to manage commissions

Commission settings

Every completed purchase on the shop related to an affiliate user will generate a commission to pay.
The commission concerning the affiliate is the sum of the commissions of all products added to the cart. To change the general settings of commissions, go the options panel of the plugin, click on the “Settings” tab and scroll the page to the “Commissions” section.

Commissions settings

Here you can edit the following options:

  • General rate: commission percentage applied to the amount of each product of the shop. A different percentage for each affiliate can be specified from the editing page of the user’s profile.
  • Avoid auto commission: if this option is activated, no commissions will be generated for those purchases that have the same refer ID of the user that made the order.
  • Exclude tax from commissions: exclude taxes from commission amount.
  • Exclude discount from commissions: exclude possible offers applied to the cart from the commission amount.

Commission list

All the commissions generated by the orders of the site are stored in the “Commissions” section of the options panel of the plugin.

Commissions list

The commission is created with the “On-Hold” status and automatically acquires the “Pending” status when the order to which it is associated is completed: this status change is notified next to the section label.

Notify pending commission

The plugin doesn’t include any payment system to pay commissions but lets you track those already paid. Select the commission, and click on the “Create a Payment” entry that you can find among the bulk actions of the page.

Create payment

Now the commission will change its state to “Pending” and the new entry will be created in the “Payments” tab. Only after it will be flagged as paid, the commission will change its status to “Completed”.

Commission - Status "Pending"


Thanks to the bulk actions of the page, it is possible to change the status of every commission to:

  • Pending: status of the commission when the linked order is completed.
  • Not Confirmed: default status of the commission when entered in the table.
  • Cancelled: status of the commission when the order is cancelled.
  • Refunded: status of the commission when the order is refunded.

Commissions can be filtered by product, user and date using the Ajax research fields at the top of the page.

Commission - Bulk actions