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Video tutorials

In this section, you can find some video tutorials that will help you with the plugin configuration.
We have created the most common scenarios to easily understand how to configure the settings and get the expected results. Enjoy!

Stay updated: we are working very hard to publish new videos each week!

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    • How to configure the wishlist feature and customize the options

    • Come configurare la lista desideri e personalizzare le opzioni

    • Wishlist: uno strumento di marketing per il tuo e-commerce

    • La lista dei desideri immancabile per qualsiasi e-commerce

    • Primeros pasos y visión general

    • Cómo configurar la lista de deseos y personalizar las opciones

    • Wishlist: una herramienta de marketing para tu ecommerce

    • La lista de deseos que no puede faltar en cualquier ecommerce