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General settings

In the General section from the Settings tab, you can choose to enable the plugin features for all the users or only for registered ones through the option Enable wishlist for. The features available are the same for both types of users.

General settings

Within the same section, you will find the following options:

  • Enable Added/Removed notices: when activated, popup notices will show when a product has been added or removed from the wishlist.
  • Enable “Add to wishlist” tooltip: this allows showing a tooltip when hovering over Add to wishlist link.
  • Add to wishlist tooltip style: you can choose the text and background colors for the Add to wishlist tooltip.
  • Enable AJAX loading: when activated, all wishlist elements will load via ajax, so as to avoid any issues caused by caching systems.

Tooltip sample

Wishlist tooltip example

Multi-wishlist settings

“Multi-wishlist” function allows users to create different wishlists to organize products better. In order to make this possible enable the “Enable multi-wishlist feature” option in “YITH -> Wishlist -> Settings -> General -> Multi-wishlist settings”. Then select whether you want to enable multi-wishlists to all users or only to registered ones.

Please note: if you have previously enabled the option Enable wishlist for > Only authenticated users, the same will apply to the multi-wishlist feature and the option Enable multiple wishlists for will be automatically disabled.

Multi-wishlist settings

Every time users will add a new product to the wishlist, they will be able to select one of those already available or to create a new one.

Please note: this depends on the settings configured in Add to wishlist options, specifically on the option “When clicking on Add to wishlist” that, if set to “Automatically add to the default list”, it won’t give users the possibility to choose.

Choose wishlist - frontend example

Users can access their wishlists by clicking on Your wishlists link on the Wishlist page or through the widget (if added to the sidebar).

Manage your wishlists
View wishlist sidebar

Manage logged and unlogged users

By default, the plugin allows its functionalities both to registered users and to unauthenticated users. However, you can choose to limit wishlist use only to registered users by enabling “Enable wishlist for >  Only authenticated users option in the General options of the plugin Settings, mentioned above.

As soon as they try to add a product to the wishlist or display Wishlist page, they will be redirected to the “My Account” page and a message will be shown that invites them to register.

My account wishlist login message

When plugin functionalities are enabled also for unregistered users, it is shown a message by default, right inside the “Wishlist” page, that invites them to log in. This message can be changed in Login message for non-authenticated users field available in General settings > Multi-wishlist settings.

Use %login_anchor% placeholder to show login link; leave empty to hide.

Only authenticated users options
Login wishlist message