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How to overwrite template

If you want to overwrite one of the files included in “templates” folder of the plugin (except for the email one), you need to copy and paste the related file right inside theme root or in the “Woocommerce” folder of your theme.

How to overwrite assets

The only files included in plugin “assets” folder which can be overwritten from theme are “style.css” and “jquery.yith-wcwl.js”. You must copy and paste both files right inside the theme, as mentioned above, and the copied file must be renamed as follows:

  • style.css -> wishlist.css
  • jquery.yith-wcwl.js -> wishlist.js

How to overwrite email template

Email templates that can be overwritten are two:

  • “Ask for an estimate email”: ask-estimate.php
  • “Promotional email”: promotion.php

To overwrite a template, go to “Emails” section of WooCommerce (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails), and select the related email.


At this point click on “Copy file to theme” button. A copy of the template file will be automatically created right inside your theme folder, at the specified path.

Copy file to theme