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Cache issues

Here is a list of possible cache issues and the related solutions:

– the Add to wishlist button remains the same even after the product has been added to the wishlist
– The list and/or item widget doesn’t show the updated content

Solution: enable the new option “Enable AJAX loading” that loads items in AJAX on document ready, bypassing the cache

– the wishlist page shows a not-updated content
– the wishlist page is always empty
– the wishlist page includes products that haven’t been added

Solution: add the wishlist page to the cache exclusions of any type (server, plugin, etc.). It is good practice to add the wishlist/* URL to the exclusions to exclude all the endpoints.


Wishlists created by unregistered users have an expiration and are deleted if the user doesn’t access them for too long.
To recover those wishlists from the database, the plugin uses a cookie that associates a session_id to the user.

Even the cookie could cause issues on some hostings (e.g. WP Engine). It is important to ask to disable the cache when the cookie is set.