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Wishlist detail page

Select the wishlist page

You can show the wishlist on any page of your site, different from the one selected by default, by choosing it from “Wishlist Page” field of the plugin section Wishlist page options.

Wishlist page option - free version

What to show in the wishlist table

The plugin makes available a list of options to let you decide what you want to show in the wishlist table. These options are:

  • Product variations selected by the user (example: size or color)
  • Product price
  • Product stock (show if the product is available or not)
  • Date on which the product was added to the wishlist
  •  Add to cart option for each product
  • Icon to remove the product from the wishlist – to the left of the product
  • Button to remove the product from the wishlist – to the right of the product
Wishlist table - free version
Wishlist table example - free version

Add to cart from wishlist

The site admin can choose what happens after the user adds a product to the cart from the wishlist.

Wishlist add to cart options - free version

The options are:

  • Redirect to cart: redirect to cart page if Add to cart button is clicked in the wishlist page
  • Remove if added to the cart”: remove the product from the wishlist if it has been added to the cart

Share wishlist

If you enable the Share wishlist option, you will be able to select the socials in which users can share their wishlist.

Share wishlist options - free version
Share wishlist frontend example - free version

Parameters you can configure in order to share the wishlist on social are:

  • Social title: Text used as the sharing title (only used on Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Social text: It will be used by Twitter and Pinterest. Use %wishlist_url% where you want to show the URL of your wishlist.
  • Social image URL: image URL that will be used to pin the wishlist on Pinterest