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Popular products

All products included in at least one of the wishlists active on the site are inserted in a dedicated list available in the “Popular” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

Popular products

You can see the following information for each product in the list:

  • Number of wishlists where the product is included (wishlist count).
  • When the last promotional email was sent.
  • Create a promotional email
  • List of users who have added the product to at least one of their wishlists.
  • Option to export users

Promotional email

For each product in the table, you can send a promotional email in one of the following modalities:

  • simultaneously to all users who added the product to their wishlist;

Create promotion

  • sending to a specific user, (click on “view users”) to choose from those related to the product

Create promotion for a specific user

How to customize the promotional email content

By clicking on Create promotion, you will have the possibility to set your promotional email choosing from HTML or Text and customizing the main content. You can use the following placeholders:

{user_name} {user_email} {user_first_name} {user_last_name} {product_image} {product_name} {product_price} {coupon_code} {coupon_amount} {add_to_cart_url}

About the {coupon_code} and {coupon_amount} placeholders, it will print out the code and the amount of the coupon that you select in the “Coupon” section immediately below:

Export users

Export users

With the “Export users” option you are able to export all users that have added that specific product to their wishlist, in CSV format. You will see the user ID, Users email, first name, and last name.