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Wishlist detail page

From the Wishlist detail page settings available in Wishlist page tab, you can:

Product list style

From the Wishlist detail page settings available in Wishlist page options, you can choose the style of the product list of the wishlists created by the users.

Layout for product list options


Traditional product list layout

Modern grid

Modern product list layout

Only images with info at click

What to show in the wishlist table

The plugin makes available a list of options to let you decide what you want to show in the wishlist table. These options are:

  • Product variations selected by the user (example: size or color)
  • Product price
  • Price variation info (show the price difference compared to when the product was added to the list)
  • product quantity (so users can manage the quantity of each product from the wishlist)
  • Product stock (show if the product is available or not)
  • Date on which the product was added to the wishlist
  • Add to cart option for each product
  • Icon to remove the product from the wishlist – to the left of the product
  • Checkbox to select multiple items, add them to the cart or delete them with one click
  • Button to remove the product from the wishlist – to the right of the product
Wishlist table example

How to move products from a wishlist to another

For those users who have created more than one wishlist, you can allow them to move products from one to another by enabling the option Show Move to another wishlist.

Move wishlist options

Now you can choose the style to show this option from a popup or a dropdown.


Wishlist pop up


Wishlist dropdown

Add to cart from wishlist

The site admin can choose what happens after the user adds a product to the cart from the wishlist.

Wishlist cart options

The options are:

  • Redirect to cart: redirect to cart page if Add to cart button is clicked in the wishlist page
  • Remove if added to the cart: remove the product from the wishlist if it has been added to the cart

To offer users the possibility to add all the products of their wishlist to the cart, you must enable the option Enable “Add all to cart”.

Add all wishlist products to cart

How to arrange products in the wishlist

By enabling the option Enable drag and drop, you will give users the possibility to easily arrange the order of the products they have added to their wishlist through a drag-and-drop action.

Drag and drop wishlist products

Actions on wishlist

There are three wishlist actions: creation, management, and search. You can manage these by enabling the option Show link to pages.

Wishlist actions option
  • Create a new wishlist: To create a new wishlist is essential to insert the name and to select the status, to choose from “public”, “private” and “shared”. To better understand the differences between statuses, follow this step of documentation.
Create a wishlist example
  • Manage wishlists: To edit one of the created wishlists click on “Your wishlists” field. From the page you will be redirected to, you could edit the status of the wishlist or remove it.
Manage wishlist example
  • Search wishlist: The search wishlist function allows obtaining a complete list of all the wishlists, with “public” status, related to the user’s name or to the specified email address.
Search wishlist example

Share wishlist

Users can only share the wishlist for the socials you selected in the Wishlist detail page options:

Share wishlist options
Share wishlist on social media example

Parameters you can configure in order to share the wishlist on social are:

  • “Social title”: text used as the sharing title
  • “Social text”: It will be used by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use %wishlist_url% where you want to show the URL of your wishlist.
  • “Social image URL”: image URL that will be used for each wishlist sharing.

If you want to customize the style and colors of the social media buttons, please check this page.