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Getting started with premium version of the plugin

Once you enable it, the plugin adds an Add to wishlist button right inside all product detail pages of your shop.

You can choose to enable the plugin features for all the users or only for registered ones through the option Enable wishlist for available in the plugin General settings. The features available are the same for both types of users.

Within the same section, you will find the following options:

  • Enable Added/Removed notices: when activated, popup notices will show when a product has been added or removed from the wishlist
  • Enable “Add to wishlist” tooltip: this allows showing a tooltip when hovering over Add to wishlist link
  • Add to wishlist tooltip style: you can choose the text and background colors for the Add to wishlist tooltip
  • Enable AJAX loading: when activated, all wishlist elements will load via ajax, so as to avoid any issues caused by caching systems.

Tooltip sample