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Text, style and color customization

Text customization

From the section Text customization in Wishlist page options, you can customize the texts of the wishlist page and add to cart button.

Wishlist page text customization - free version

The options available are:

  • Default wishlist title: default title of the wishlist page if users do not enter a new one
  • “Add to cart” text: text for the Add to cart button in the table included in the wishlist page.

Style & color customization

Here, we will analyze how to customize the styles and colors of the different elements shown on the wishlist page. To do it, go to the Style & Color Customization section that you find in Wishlist page options.

Let’s start from the Add to cart button.

Add to cart button style - free version

The available options are:

  • Style of “Add to cart”: choose from Textual (uses anchor), Button with theme style (uses the style of the theme currently used), Button with custom style (uses the settings you configure)

By selecting Button with custom style, you will be able to configure the following options:

  • “Add to cart” button style: choose the colors for the Add to cart button also on mouseover
  • Border radius: set the radius for the Add to cart button
  • “Add to cart” icon: select an icon for the Add to cart button from the dropdown (optional)
  • “Add to cart” custom icon: upload an icon for the Add to cart button (suggested px 32 X 32)

Now, let’s see how to customize the style and colors for Primary and Secondary buttons.

Primary and secondary buttons style - free version
  • Primary button style: through this option, you can customize the style and colors of the Edit title button on Wishlist view, Submit Changes button on Manage view and Search wishlist button on Search view also on mouseover.
  • Secondary button style: this allows customizing style and color of Show title form and Hide title form buttons on Wishlist view and Create a new Wishlist button on Manage view also on mouseover.

To customize the wishlist table, you have two options:

Wishlist table style - free version
  • Wishlist table style: this allows choosing the color of the wishlist table (when set to Traditional layout)
  • Highlight color: this allows choosing the color that will be used as background for the wishlist table heading and footer (when set to Traditional layout), and for different forms in the wishlist views.

The last settings of this section are related to the customization of sharing buttons for social media which are the following:

Share button customization - free version
  • Share button text color: the color of the text for the Share buttons
  • Facebook share button icon: choose the icon for the Facebook share button
  • Facebook share button custom icon: upload an icon to be used for the Facebook share button
  • Facebook share button style: the color of the Facebook share button

The same options will be also available for TwitterPinterest, Email, and WhatsApp style, buttons, and icons.