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Loop & Product page settings

Loop settings

The plugin also allows showing the Add to wishlist button on your shop pagecategory pagesproduct shortcodesproduct sliders, and all the other places where the WooCommerce products’ loop is used.

To do it, go to Add to wishlist options section and enable the following options in Loop settings:

  • Show “Add to wishlist” in loop: enable it to show the Add to wishlist button to WooCommerce products loop
  • Position of “Add to wishlist” in loop: choose the position of the Add to wishlist button in WooCommerce products loop
Wishlist free loop settings

Tip: If you want to give a special look to the Add to wishlist style, select the position On top of the image and you’ll get the following result.

On top of the image frontend example

Product page settings

In the Product page settings section, you can choose the position of the Add to wishlist button.

Product page settings - wishlist free