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General settings

From YITH > Dynamic Pricing > Settings, you’ll be able to manage the plugin global settings.

This section consists of 4 specific sets of options that you can configure according to your needs. Let’s analyze them in detail.

General settings

Here, you can set the following options:

  • Allow shop manager to manage Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: enable this option to let shop managers manage the plugin settings.
  • Price format: here you can set how the price will show up on the frontend regarding the original price, percentage discount, and discounted price. You can use the following placeholders:
    • %original_price% (use the <del> tag to mark it as strikethrough text)
    • %discounted_price%
    • %percentual_discount%
  • Show price rule details in customer emails: enable this option if you want to include the discount details in the email customers receive.

Product page

In this section, you can manage the plugin custom messages shown on product pages.

  • Show the discount custom messages: enable this option to show all the custom messages on product pages.

You can set these messages when creating the rules (see here how to create rules).

  • Message position: choose where to show the discount messages from:
    • Before “the Add to cart” button
    • After “Add to cart” button
    • Before excerpt
    • After excerpt
    • After product meta
Discount message on product page

Quantity table settings

From the section Settings > Quantity table, you can configure all options related to the quantity discount rules shown in a table on your product pages.

  • Show quantity tables: enable this option to show the quantity table on products with a quantity discount rule.
  • Table layout in desktop: choose how to show the content of the table on the desktop from horizontally or vertically.
Vertical layout
Horizontal layout
  • Table layout in mobile: choose how to show the content of the table on the desktop from horizontally or vertically.
table on mobile
  • Table position: choose where to show the table.
  • Table heading: enter a title to identify the table.
Quantity table settings
  • Show a discount column in tables: enable this option to add an extra column to show the % discount (the % discount is calculated automatically according to the configured rule).
  • Table labels: enter the titles of the table columns/rows.
  • In quantity heading show: choose the format to use to show the quantity options from:
    • The quantity ranges used in the discount rules (e.g.: 1-5)
    • Only the minimum quantity within the range (e.g.: 1)
    • Only the maximum quantity within the range (e.g.: 5)
Quantity ranges
Quantity ranges
Only minimum quantity
Only minimum quantity
Only maximum quantity
Only maximum quantity
  • Show the discount end date in quantity table: enable to show when the discount ends in the quantity table. This one only appears if you have set up an automatic end date in the rule settings.
offer ends quantity
  • Show as default:
    • The first discount rule (usually the minimum discount)
    • The last discount rule (usually the maximum discount)
show discounted price
  • Set default quantity in the table: enable to automatically select the first quantity rule in the table.
  • Change product price when user changes quantity: enable to show an updated price when the user changes the quantity.

Also when clicking on a row, the price will dynamically change (loaded via Ajax for better performance).


In the Cart section of the plugin Settings, you will find the options to manage the global settings related to the cart.

  • In the cart page show: choose how to show the coupon label related to the cart rules from:
    • A single label to identify all of the cart rules applied
      • Coupon label: enter the text that will highlight the discount in the cart and the order details. The default value is DISCOUNT.
Single label
Single label in cart
Single label
Single label in order
  • The list of all of the cart rules applied
Cart rules list
Cart rules list in cart
Cart rules list
Cart rules list in order
  • Calculate cart discount starting from: choose whether to calculate the cart discount including or excluding tax on the subtotal:
    • Subtotal – tax included
    • Subtotal – tax excluded
  • Show special offers in cart by adapting:
    • the unit price: the product price will be adjusted based on the offer applied
Discount per item
  • the subtotal: the product price will not be adapted, but the price rule will be applied and shown to the subtotal only (both in cart and checkout).
Discount on subtotal
  • Show amount discount info on cart: enable this option to show a custom text to show the total discount for the customer on the cart.
    • Add a custom message in the cart totals: field to enter the custom text.
  • Hide shipping methods: enable this option to hide shipping methods when a cart rule including free shipping is applied to the cart.

Extend rules to translated products

The plugin is 100% compatible with WPML: this allows creating discount rules for all the products of your shop, those translated included.

When configuring the discount rule, the plugin allows including in the product selection the ones you have translated with the use of WPML.

As an alternative, you can choose to extend the rules created to all the translated products by accessing the tab Settings of the plugin settings dashboard and enabling the entry Extend the rules to translated contents.  

WPML settings