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3 for 2 Discount

One of the most common promotions is the Buy 2 get 1 free (also called 3 for 2 offers), thanks to which customers can get three items of the same product and only pay for two of them. Let’s see how to configure a 3 for 2 offer on the product “Lemon skin care – cream”.

3 for 2 frontend

First of all, create a new Price rule and set it as Special offer.

special offer rule example

The offer is only valid for one specific product “Lemon skin care – cream”, so let’s select it and configure the rule options as below:

3 for 2 on lemon skin

The Repeat option is on because the discount will apply to every 3 Lemon skin products purchased. So, if you buy 6, you will only pay for 4 and so on.

Let’s also set the quantity as based on items in cart, meaning the plugin will check the total quantity of the “Lemon skin” product in cart to apply the discount.

And keep the option Apply discount to a different product or category off to make sure the discount will only apply to the same product that we’ve selected above.

3 for 2 check quantity and discount on same category

Then, we will make sure that this rule is valid for every user (just change the users options if you want to restrict it to specific users or roles), keep every other option disabled except for Disable other rules with lower priority, so that if more than one discount applies to “Lemon skin” and you’ve set up high priority to this rule, only this rule will apply.

3 for 2 other settings

Finally, let’s add some custom text that will show up on the product page, so you can better promote this product:

3 for 2 - Custom messages

If the messages do not show up, just make sure you’ve enabled messages on a global level from Settings > Product page settings, where you can also set the position of the message (please, consider it’s for ALL messages) to Before “Add to cart” button:

3 for 2 message position

Additionally, when you create a special offer, you will be able to show the rule title both in Cart and Checkout to highlight the type of discount the customer is getting.

Rule title

3 for 2 in cart

3 for 2 in checkout