3×2 Discount

One of the most commonly appreciated discounts is the 3×2 type, in which customers get three items of the same product and only pay for two of them. To offer this kind of promotion, let’s create a “Special Offer” rule this time:

3x2 discount

This discount is based on the number of products in the cart, by selecting “Item quantity in cart line”. Let’s choose, then, the product(s) we wish to apply this offer to.

Now let’s set the special rule we are creating. Under “Purchase” we have to enter “3”, which is the number of products that need to be purchased to trigger the offer, and under “Receive”, let’s enter “1” and specify which type of discount it refers to, meaning “100%”:

Discount settings - 3x2

By checking the “repeat” box, the discount will be repeated each time customers purchase enough products to trigger the same rules more than once. For instance, if they add 6 items to the cart, then, they would get 2 of them for free.

You can also add a note that will be displayed on the product page to inform your users about the offer. It will look like this.

And this is what the discount will look like in the cart.