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In the Cart section of the plugin Settings, you will find the options to manage the global settings related to the cart.

  • In the cart page show: choose how to show the coupon label related to the cart rules from:
    • A single label to identify all of the cart rules applied
      • Coupon label: enter the text that will highlight the discount in the cart and the order details. The default value is DISCOUNT.
Single label
Single label in cart
Single label
Single label in order
  • The list of all of the cart rules applied
Cart rules list
Cart rules list in cart
Cart rules list
Cart rules list in order
  • Calculate cart discount starting from: choose whether to calculate the cart discount including or excluding tax on the subtotal:
    • Subtotal – tax included
    • Subtotal – tax excluded
  • Show special offers in cart by adapting:
    • the unit price: the product price will be adjusted based on the offer applied
Discount per item
  • the subtotal: the product price will not be adapted, but the price rule will be applied and shown to the subtotal only (both in cart and checkout).
Discount on subtotal
  • Show amount discount info on cart: enable this option to show a custom text to show the total discount for the customer on the cart.
    • Add a custom message in the cart totals: field to enter the custom text.
  • Hide shipping methods: enable this option to hide shipping methods when a cart rule including free shipping is applied to the cart.