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From YITH > Dynamic Pricing > Settings you’ll be able to manage the general settings and rules of the plugin.

This tab consists of 3 specific settings you can manage:

General settings

Show discount rule details in emails

  • Allow Shop Manager to manage dynamic pricing and discount: Enable this option to let also shop managers edit the plugin settings.
  • Price format: here you can set how the price will show up on the frontend regarding the original price, percentage discount, and discounted price by arranging all or just some of the available placeholders:
    • %original_price% (use the <del> tag to mark it as strikethrough text)
    • %discounted_price%
    • %percentual_discount%
  • Show Price rule details in customer emails: enable this option if you want to include the discount details in the email received by customers.

Product page settings

product page settings 1

  • Show the discount custom messages: You can use this option to show or hide all the custom messages on product pages.

message on page

You can set these messages within the rule you created (see here how to create rules).

  • Message position:
    • Before “the Add to cart” button
    • After “Add to cart” button
    • Before excerpt
    • After excerpt
    • After product meta

Cart settings

  • In the cart page show: A single label to identify all of the cart rules applied.
    • Coupon label: enter the text that will highlight the discount in the cart and the order details. Default value is DISCOUNT.

Discount label in order

On the edit order page, it appears like the example above.

one tag in cart

  • In the cart page show: A single label to identify all of the cart rules applied.

  • Calculate cart discount starting from: choose whether to calculate the cart discount including or excluding tax on the subtotal
    • Subtotal – tax included
    • Subtotal – tax excluded
  • Show special offers in cart by adapting:
    • the unit price: product price will be adjusted based on the offer applied
      Discount per item Discount per item line
    • the subtotal: the product price will not be adapted, but the price rule will be applied and shown to the subtotal only (both in cart and checkout)
      Discount in subtotal
      Special offer in subtotal on checkout page

Please, note: this option only applies to Special offer rules and the text displayed there is the special offer rule title.

Special offer custom text in subtotal

  • Add a custom message in the cart totals: enter a custom text to show the total discount for the customer on the cart.
    Please, note: this applies only to “Cart discount rules”.
    You can use the placeholder %total_discount_percentage% to show the discount in percentage and %total_discount_price% to show the discount value

extra note on checkout