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Quantity table settings

From YITH > Dynamic Pricing > “Quantity table” you can configure all options related to the quantity table.

If you wish to show the table on the product pages with a quantity discount rule, start by enabling the “show quantity tables” option.

quantity table settings

  • Table layout in desktop: decide how to display the content of the table on the desktop, horizontally or vertically.

table layout in mobile

  • Table layout in mobile: decide how to display the content of the table on mobile devices, either horizontally or vertically (see image below).
  • Table position: Decide where to show the table.

table on mobile

Table heading settings

quantity table settings 2

  • Table heading: Give a title to identify the table.
  • Show a discount column in tables: Decide to add an extra ‘discount’ column (the % discount is calculated automatically).
  • Table labels: Give the titles to the table columns/rows.

quantity heading format

  • In quantity heading show: Decide which format to use to show the quantity options.

Additional options

Quantity table settings

  • Show the end date of discount in quantity table: enable to show when the discount ends in the quantity table. This one only appears if you have set up an automatic end date in the rule settings.

offer ends quantity

  • Show as default:
    • The first discount rule (usually the minimum discount)
    • The last discount rule (usually the maximum discount)

show discounted price

  • Set default quantity in the table: enable to automatically select the first quantity rule in the table
  • Change product price when user changes quantity: enable to show an updated price when the user changes the quantity.

Also when clicking on a row, the price will dynamically change (loaded via Ajax for better performance).