Discount for a product category

In case you want to offer discounts for a whole category of products, for instance by planning a 15% promotion on all T-shirts in the store, first of all you need to create a new rule and give it a name, for example “Category Discount”, so you can easily find it whenever you want to edit it:

Category discount

What you want to display is a discount that’s always active, indepentend from amount and cart value. So let’s create a “Quantity” type of discount and set the minimum amount to 1, in order to be able do display it for single products as well.

Discount settings

So, in “Categories”, you can select the category or categories you wish to apply this discount to:

Apply to categoriesa

And here is how the products in this category will be displayed by customers, as you can see the discount is displayed dynamically on products:


  • In case the discount is not displayed/applied, remember to check the “show in a loop” box, while creating the rule.
  • Even if the discount is dynamically displayed on the frontend, the price remains the same in the backend. In this picture, Happy Ninja costs $15.30, but the full price in the options is still $18.