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50% discount on specific variation

You might want to offer a discount on a specific product variation. Thanks to the support for variable products, this can be easily achieved.

Let’s see an example where we want to offer a 50% discount on a specific size (Small) when the users purchase size Medium or Large of the product Blue man t-shirt.

First of all, we create a new rule as a Special offer.

Then, we create the condition by selecting the product variations that will trigger the discount, Blue man t-shirt Large and Blue man t-shirt Medium.

Example with variable product

Now, we set how the discount rule will work by defining the number of products that has to be purchased (in this case 1), the number of products that will be discounted (in this case 1) and the related percentage discount (in this case 50%).

Since we want to offer a 50% discount on the size Small, we enable the option Apply discount to a different product or category, select Specific products, and add Blue man t-shirt – Small to the dedicated field.

Rule configuration

We prefer to show the offer in a modal window, so we enable the option, set a custom message and save the rule.

Offer in modal

The rule is now active and when users add the Blue man t-shirt to the cart after selecting the size Medium or Large, they will be able to add also the Small size with the 50% discount applied.

Offer in modal
Offer in cart