Rule priority

For every rule you set, you can define a priority level.

As rules are processed one after the other, stating a priority order will let you choose which rule has to be applied first and which second.

Please, consider that priority both helps you manage rules that apply on the same product and refers to all rules of the same type. So, there are two distinct priority lists for rules set up in the Price Rules tab and those in the Cart Discounts.

Let’s see together which priority the system follows while processing the rules.

First of all, the system processes rules defined in Price Rules tab. It starts with Quantity Discount rules: if there’s a quantity rule applying to a product, all other rules (either Quantity discount or Special offer) applying on the same product will be then ignored, even if the option With other rules is enabled.

If there are, though, more than one quantity discount or special offer rules applying to different products, they will be all applied, as they do not apply to the same product and do not conflict with one another. This applies only if the option With other rules is enabled.

After that, rules defined in Cart discounts tab will be processed and will apply on the cart total.

Let’s make an example to make things easier.

  1. Quantity discount rule, priority 2: Product A costs $10, but it costs $5 if quantity is greater or equal to 10.
  2. Special offer on Product A, priority 1: buy one and get one at 50%
  3. Special offer on Product B, priority 1: buy one and get one at 50%
  4. Cart discount rule, priority 1: 20% off for everyone

Our cart contains

  • Product A ($5 to $10): 12 items
  • Product B ($18): 2 items

Price rules (Quantity discount and Special offer) will be processed first, so, No. 1, 2, 3.
Rule No. 1 and 2 apply on the same product (Product A), so, only rule No. 1 is applied as it is a Quantity discount rule and is processed first, regardless of the priority.
Product A costs $5 each.
Rule No. 2 is so ignored.
Rule No. 3 is applied on Product B. So, one is full price $18, the second one is at half price $9.
Now the cart subtotal is (12 x $5) + $18 + $9 = $87
Rule No. 4 applies on the cart subtotal, so, final price is $69.60