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Discount conditions

Discount conditions

You can set up the conditions for the cart rule by clicking on the Add condition button after selecting Only when specific conditions are met in the rule.

Add conditions


Condition by users
  • Apply discount to: choose whether to apply the rule to all users or specific users or user roles. If Specific users or user roles has been selected, you can add them in the fields:
    • Apply discount to these users
    • Apply discount to these user roles

On the contrary, if you have selected All users, you can optionally exclude them through the options:

  • Users excluded
  • User roles excluded
Exclude users from cart condition

Number of orders

Number of orders

Here you can set up a minimum or maximum number of orders.

For example, if you want to offer the discount only to returning customers, you can set up a minimum number of orders of 1 and leave the maximum empty, so it applies to any returning customer.

Total amount spent

Cart rule based on total amount spent

Here you can set up a minimum and maximum amount spent so far by the customer. Please, consider the condition will calculate the total amount spent so far by the customer, regardless of the number of orders placed.


Cart rule condition based on products
  • Condition type: you will be able to use one of the following options:

1. Require specific products in cart to apply the discount

The discount will be applied only if the user has added the selected product(s) to the cart.

  • Apply the discount if: choose to apply the discount when at least one of the specified products is in the cart or only when all products are in the cart
    • At least one selected product is in the cart
    • All selected products are in the cart

You will be able to set specific products, categories or tags.

2. Exclude specific products from cart condition validation

Exclude products from the rule validation

Excluded products will not be considered for achieving the conditions.

  • Exclude ‘on-sale products’: enable to make sure that on-sale products will not count for the rule validation.

Please, remember that you can combine more than one condition for the same rule. So, for example, you can create a condition that requires a minimum of 3 products in cart, but exclude accessories and on-sale products from this count: if the cart contains 5 products, but one of them is an accessory and the other one is on sale, the rule will NOT apply.

You will also be able to exclude specific products, categories or tags.

3. Disable discount when there is a specific product in cart

Disable cart discount

The discount will be not applied if the user has added specific product(s) to the cart.

You will also be able to set specific products, categories or tags.

Cart items

Cart condition based on cart items

Cart items allows you to apply the rule based on the number of products in the cart.

You have two options to check the item quantity:

  • Product items – units of the same product in the cart. Please, note that this condition must be met for every product in the cart.
  • Cart items – total of products in the cart

And then you can set a minimum and maximum quantity for the rule to apply.

For example, we have set a rule that applies only if the customer adds a minimum of 3 items for each of the products in cart, but it will not apply if there is even 1 product with a lower quantity.

Product unit - discount applied

Cart subtotal

Cart subtotal

With this condition, you can make sure that the rule only applies if the subtotal falls within the price range you set up. You can set a minimum or maximum value or both.

Payment method

Cart condition based on payment method

Through this condition, you can set the payment methods required to validate the cart condition and/or the payment methods to exclude the rule from being applied.