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When adding a new page, you can use the plugin block to easily show the discounted products.

Gutenberg block

Through the block, you can select only the following rules: BOGO, Special offer, Global discount, or Category discount.

Products to show

After adding the block to the page, you must select the type of rule from the dropdown. If you want to show products of all the same type of rule, enable the option Show products for all rules. If, on the contrary, you want to show only products from specific rules, just search for the rule name in the related field and select it.

Rule type

Example with the option enabled

Show products for all rules

Please note: It is not possible to show different rule types on the same page. If, for example, you want to show Special offer and BOGO rule products, you will need to create two different pages.



Here, you can set the number of columns and rows to show the products.



Choose the content to show. The available options are:

  • Product image
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product rating
  • Add to cart button