Price rules – Discount on the entire shop

If you want to create Discount on the entire shop this is the option that will help you configure the discount in a few quick steps.

As usual, click on Add new rule, give it a name, enable the Active rule option to activate the rule immediately, set a Priority for this rule and then, set the Rule type to DISCOUNT ON THE ENTIRE SHOP.

Discount on entire shop

Then, choose which products will create the condition for this rule.

Set up products and conditions

Discount on all products rules

Discount to apply to entire shop: set the type and amount of discount and choose between:

  • % discount
  • price discount
  • fixed price
    You will be able to exclude some products/categories/tags in the options below.

Then choose whether to show or not the discount in loop, so on the Shop page and category and tag pages by enabling the option immediately below:

Show discount in loop

Discount displayed in loop

Restrictions by user and use role

Apply discount to: choose to apply the rule to all users or to specific user roles. In the latter case, you can further exclude specific users from this rule.

Special offer by user or role

Schedule the rule

Schedule rule: choose whether to schedule the rule or activate/deactivate it manually

  • Enable the rule now and end it manually
  • Schedule a start and end time 

Schedule settings

Combine with other rules?

Combine with other rules

Disable rule ‘on-sale products’: enable this option if you want that the discount does not apply on ‘on-sale products’.

Disable other rules with lower priority: enable if you want to disable other rules with lower priority applied to same products.

Disable when a coupon has been applied: enable if you want to disable this rule if the user has applied a coupon code.

Show custom messages

Finally you can set up some additional notes on the products where the rule applies:

Custom message for discount on entire shop

Add a custom message in products where the discount applies: enter a custom text to show in the product pages where this rule applies.

If the messages do not show up, just make sure you’ve enabled messages on a global level from Settings > Product page settings, where you can also choose the position of these messages on the product page on a global level.

Discount message on frontend