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The BOGO discount allows you to create a discount rule where the customer can buy one product and automatically get one for free.

To create a new rule, go to YITH > Dynamic Pricing > “Dynamic Rules dynamic rules page and click on the Add rule” button.

bogo rule creation

Let’s see how to configure it.

bogo rule step

Active rule: Enable or disable the rule by using the toggle.

Priority: set the priority to assign to this rule. Priority is important to overwrite rules (1 is the highest priority).

You can also arrange the priority by dragging and dropping the rules from the rules list:

drag and drop

Rule type: it is set to your previous choice by default, but you can choose to change it here if you want to create a different rule type.

Set up products and conditions

Create a BOGO rule for the purchase of: choose if you want to create this rule for all products or for all products of specific categories/tags.

    • All products
    • Specific products
    • Specific product categories
    • Specific product tags
      You will be able to exclude some products in the options below.

Exclude products from this rule: enable if you want to exclude specific products from this rule and pick

  • Specific products
  • Specific product categories
  • Specific product tags

Schedule the rule

Schedule rule: choose whether to schedule the rule or activate/deactivate it manually

  • Enable the rule now and end it manually
  • Schedule a start and end time 

Schedule settings

Show custom messages

Finally, you can set up some additional notes on the products where the rule applies:

message on bogo

1. Add a custom message in product with quantity rule: enter a custom text to show on the product pages where this quantity rule applies. You can use the %items_with_rule_applied% placeholder to show products, categories, or tags to which the discount rule is applied.

bogo frontend

If the messages do not show up, make sure you enable “messages” on a global level from Settings > Product page settings. There you can also choose the position of these messages on the product page on a global level.