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Deals on Checkout page

The Last deals on checkout page discount type allows you to create offers and show them in a modal to your users on the Checkout page.

To create a new rule, go to the tab Dynamic Rules, click on the + Add rule button and select the Checkout – Last deal template.

Checkout last deal

Now, enter a name for this rule in order to easily identify it among those you will create, and give it a priority. To learn more about rule priorities, please go to this page.

Last deal general options

Let’s now analyze the other options available for this rule type:

Rule configuration

Deal rule configuration
  • Show deal: choose whether to always show the deal or only when specific conditions are met. When opting for the latter option, you can configure your conditions by clicking on Add condition. To learn how to create conditions, please go to this page.
  • Product(s) to offer as last deal: select the products that you want to offer as a deal.
  • Set limits in product selection as deals: enable this option to define the number of products that users can purchase with the current deal.
    • For each product offered in this deal, the user can buy max: enter the value for the product units that cane be purchased.
  • Apply discount: enable this option to set up the discount to apply.
  • Discount to apply: set up the type of discount and the amount that will be applied. You can choose three types of discounts:
    • percentage discount
    • price discount
    • fixed price

    Rule application

    Offer deal to
    • Apply discount to: choose whether to apply the deal to all users or specific users or user roles. You can further exclude specific users or user roles from this rule.
    Exclude users

    You can also decide whether to schedule the rule through the dedicated option:

    • Schedule rule: choose whether to schedule the rule or activate/deactivate it manually.
    Schedule rule


    Deal layout
    • Deal layout: select the layout you want to use to show your deals. You can choose from Modal window and Modal full size.
    Modal window
    Modal window
    Modal full size
    Modal full size
    • Deal content: use the editor to customize the content of the deal.
    • Show countdown: enable this option to show a countdown of the deal.
      • Countdown: set the countdown duration in seconds or minutes.
    Deal customization
    Deal countdown