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Cart rules

This specific type of discount allows you to create discount rules based on the cart contents.

To create a new rule, go to YITH > Dynamic Pricing > “Dynamic Rules dynamic rules page and click on the Add rule” button.

cart discount

Let’s see how to configure it.

cart rule first step

Active rule: Enable or disable the rule by using the toggle.

Priority: set the priority to assign to this rule. Priority is important to overwrite rules (1 is the highest priority).

If the conditions are met in the cart, the rules will apply based on their priority, so for example, you can apply a 50% (rule with priority 1) and an additional 20% (rule with priority 2) on the same products.

Note: there are two distinct priority lists for rules Price Rules and Cart Discounts. Even though they are listed in a unique list, they have a separate priority, because one applies to the cart, others at the product level.

You can also arrange the priority by dragging and dropping the rules from the rules list:

drag and drop

Schedule the rule

Schedule rule: choose whether to schedule the rule or activate/deactivate it manually

  • Enable the rule now and end it manually
  • Schedule a start and end time 

Schedule settings in cart rules

With other coupons?

Disable with coupons

Disable when a coupon has been applied: the rule will not apply if the customer is using another coupon in the cart.

Free shipping

Free shipping

Allow free shipping: enable to offer ‘free shipping’ when this rule applies.

For this to work, make sure you have set up a free-shipping method in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. After creating a shipping method, set ‘Free shipping requires…’ to ‘A valid free shipping coupon’.

Free shipping in WooCommerce

For more information on setting up free shipping check the WooCommerce Documentation.

For the discount conditions, please, refer to the next page.