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Conditional offers – Buy X get Y for free

Do you want to offer conditional offers so that only if a certain product is purchased, another one can be given for free? Well, then, this is the rule you were looking for! Let’s see how to set it up.

In our example, we want to offer “Travel accessories” for free if the user buys the “Modern Suitcase”.

This rule is very similar to BOGO offers for the settings, but the discount applies to a different product of your choice instead of the same product.

conditional discont for suitcase and accessories

First of all, it’s a specific type of special offer, so create a new price rule and set it to ‘special offer’.

Conditional special offer

Then, make sure you select the condition, so let’s make sure that the “Modern Suitcase” product is selected in Create a special offer for the purchase of and set the offer rule as buy 1 get 1 with 100% discount.

Conditional special offer settings

The Repeat option is OFF, because the store owner wants to give only 1 set of travel accessories per customer, no matter how many suitcases he/she buys. Enable if you want that for every suitcase, you can have 1 travel set for free.

Then, keep Item quantity in cart line selected so the quantity is calculated for that product only. It does not make any difference if you choose this or another option as long as the conditional product is just one. If the conditional products are more than one, then, refer to this page for a deeper understanding of this option.

Conditional discount based on item quanitty

Now, to make sure that the discount is applied to a different product, enable the option Apply discount to a different product or category and select the “Travel accessories” product.

Conditional offer apply discount on different categorry

Then, make sure you choose if the rule would apply to all users or just selected users or user roles if you want to schedule the offer and combine it with other discounts or not.

Conditional offer - other settings

Finally, you can also add some custom messages to show on the pages of both products involved in the offer, so:

1. the conditional product, that is the Suitcase

2. and the discounted product, that is the travel set.

Conditional offer - custom messages

Please, note that this second box appears because you have enabled the option Apply discount to a different product or category. If you are setting up a standard BOGOF offer (so discount on the same product), you will not see the second box, as there’s no point in showing it.

Here you can see how the custom messages show on the pages of both products:

BOGOF custom message on conditional product

BOGOF custom message on discounted product

Additionally, as this is a Special offer rule, you will also be able to see this highlighted with a custom text (the rule title) on both the Cart and the Checkout page.

BOGOF on Cart page