Price rule – Gift products

The Gift products feature allows you to offer some products for free and let the customer pick them from a popup when they add one or more specific items to the cart.

As usual, go to Discounts & Price rules, click on Add new rule, give it a name, enable the Active rule option to activate the rule immediately, set a Priority for this rule and then, set the Rule type to Gift Products:

Gift rule

Then, choose which products will create the condition for this rule.

Set up products and conditions

Choose which products to offer as a gift: choose the products that you want to offer as gifts.

How many gift products the user can select? And choose here if the user can just pick one of them as a gift or more.

Select products - gift rule

  • All products
  • Specific products
  • Specific product categories
  • Specific product tags
    You will be able to exclude some products in the options below.

Exclude products from this rule: enable if you want to exclude specific products from this rule and pick

  • Specific products
  • Specifi product categories
  • Specific product tags

Offer gift if: set if the offer applies based on a specific number of items in cart or a minimum subtotal:


  • In cart there is a minimum number of itemsOffer gifts based on total items in cart
  • In cart there are items for a minimum subtotalGift based on subtotal

Restrictions by user and use role

Offer gift products to: choose to apply the rule to all users or to specific user roles. In the latter case, you can further exclude specific users from this rule.

User restrictions on gift rule

Schedule the rule

Schedule rule: choose whether to schedule the rule or activate/deactivate it manually

  • Enable the rule now and end it manually
  • Schedule a start and end time 

Schedule settings

Show custom messages

Finally you can set up some additional notes on the products where the rule applies:

Gift rule - messages

1. Add a custom message in products where the rule is applied: enter a custom text to show in the products page where this gift rule is applied.

2. : Enter a custom text to show in the products offered as gift.

If the messages do not show up, just make sure you’ve enabled messages on a global level from Settings > Product page settings, where you can also choose the position of these messages on the product page on a global level.